CARE Therapeutic Massage

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​CARE Therapeutic Massage

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Craniosacral Massage

Light touch to manipulate tissues surrounding central nervous system. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle rhythmic massage to move lymph fluid into venous system to reduce edema and lymphedema.

Myofascial Release

Gentle sustained pressure to warm, release, and unwind superficial and deep fascial tissue.

Oncology Massage

Specialized massage that takes into account surgery, treatment, and post-care needs.


Healing massages that focuses on points of hands, feet, and ears which correspond to body systems and it's organs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Utilizing deep pressure and referral points to  restore muscle length, oxygen, and function.

Pregnancy Massage

Pre-natal, pregnancy, and post-natal massage to assist with conception, carrying, delivery, and post care.

Thai Energy Massage

Rhythmic gentle pressure along energy lines to restore relaxation,  flexibility, and energy.

Swedish Massage

General full body massage to increase relaxation and decrease pain.

Massage Modalities